Whale Watching

We had a most stunning experience yesterday. We went with the “Prince of Whales” on a whale watching tour from Vancouver Coal Harbour into English Bay and south. The weather was excellent and we had great seats on top of the boat. We were lucky to watch killer whales quiet soon. They were hunting and having fun because we didn’t only see their dorsal fin they also jumped and paddled with their tails. Later we went north past Bowen Island and Horseshoe Bay. We watched seals and blackbirds and the beautiful scenery around. Even bald eagles were there.
Our guide on the upper deck was Wilma from Linz in Austria. All the time she explained about what was there. She made the ride especially interesting because she made us understand what we saw. In every part of the journey she was the expert about everything. Her clear, calm voice was understandable even when the noise of ship and wind was loud. Wilma made our whale watching tour special. Thanks.

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